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Coronavirus and the situation in Ohio

Hi everyone! I wish I was writing about happier events, but unfortunately that is not the case. I know that we are all likely staying updated on all things regarding the coronavirus, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about recent events. As of writing this on March 17th, there are 67 confirmed coronavirus cases in my state of Ohio, only 8 days after confirming the first case on the ninth. 31 of the 67 are in my county, Cuyahoga. If you look at the picture below (from, you will notice that 5 of the 16 affected counties are not touching any other affected counties, which likely means that there are many more cases that have simply not been discovered yet. In fact, the Ohio Health Department predicts about 1% of Ohioans to be currently infected with the virus, about 100,000 of our 11.9 million inhabitants.  Overall, things have changed very quickly. Two months ago, I had naively thought that this virus would not affect me. Now, my school is cancelled for the

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